Our Facilities ...

Our original building was built in 1895. This date and the initials of one of the original craftsmen who built the structure can be seen hand stamped by nail-head on the back of the basement stairs. The building was purchased from Mrs. Mary Marshall in 1956, by Walter and Gloria (Roux) Deputat. On the sale date, the basement contained a hand fed hot air coal furnace, dirt floor, and tree trunks supporting the building. There was one electrical outlet on the first floor, and no heat registers on the second or third floors. With much sweat equity, and no outside financing, Walter and Gloria transformed the structure into a first floor funeral parlor and second and third floor residence. The first major expansion came in 1960, as Walter and many friends erected the rear garage and upper casket display area. The second major expansion came in 1972 when Walter and Gloria added a wing, which ran the length of the building along Dewey Street. During the second expansion, the entire building was covered with bricks. (The bricks were purchased from the demolition of the Belcher Building at Tewksbury Hospital. More than 52,000 individual bricks were hand cleaned by Walter and a few of his relatives and friends during a three year period.) Since 1972, the buildings interior walls have been moved, removed or altered to facilitate the ever changing demands of today's funeral service needs.

Garage space in the building has been eliminated, and those areas once used to house livery equipment have been converted to public space. Pocket doors and sliding partitions allow flexibility in function when meeting today's special demands. A modernized casket display room, featuring a complete range of materials and prices was added in 1998. We offer a private arrangement room featuring urn and cremation products. Non-public areas, vital to support the visible functions of funeral service, have also received attention during the past several years. In 1983, we erected an off premises commercial garage to house our company owned hearse, flower car and limousine. We have added fire alarm and protection, emergency lighting and back-up electric generation systems. More than a decade ago, in response to ever changing public needs, we added a ramp and restroom facilities to meet the needs of our physically challenged visitors. We retrofitted a building nearly 100 years old with central air conditioning, and updated or replaced our entire service infrastructure during the past decade. We continue to replace and refurbish the drapery, carpets, wall coverings, and furniture in each and every room on a timely basis.

The focus of our facility is on the bereaved. While some funeral providers align chairs in theater fashion, all facing the deceased, we recommend a road less traveled. Our rooms are designed to allow people to freely circulate, to visit and spend quality time with our families. Our flexibility and size allows us to handle extremely large crowds or small families with a degree of intimacy. Our internal size and building organization also allows your guests to wait inside, out of the elements, regardless of the number of visitors you expect.

As our community continues to grow, we look to the future with plans for internal expansion of our public areas. Our objective is to continue to provide clean and comfortable, not ostentatious, surroundings. All the while, we never lose sight of our goal to provide the finest facilities and funeral experience ....at a fair and reasonable price.