Our Philosophy ...

The "Golden Rule"

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

This guiding principle is the cornerstone of our philosophy. It is the reason we ask you to call anytime, any day. When you need our services, rest assured, we are ready to help you.

Our belief has always been the death of a loved one is the single most difficult moment you can face during a lifetime. Our commitment to you, is that you face this moment with the help of a compassionate staff who truly cares. It is this thread, this "commitment to caring," which is woven into our cloak of service.

We instill this philosophy in our staff members. For all our staff members we require:

They treat survivors with dignity and respect. Never assume a family knows what will happen next. Be there to guide them. Explain all options, and allow the family to choose which option feels right for them.

They allow the memorialization through funeral service to become a celebration of a life lived. Remember to focus on the survivors needs, while caring for the deceased with dignity and respect. Invite and nurture family participation in all aspects of the funeral service, from choosing photographs and heirlooms to display during a visitation time or memorial service, to selecting readings and music which will reflect the lifestyle of the person we honor.

They do not let their personal bias, as we all have, become part of any discussion. Listen carefully to what our families say, and let our service reflect the concerns and needs expressed. Remember the focus and purpose of any funeral service, from simple to elaborate, is on the survivors.

They always remember the importance of helping each family design a plan for the funeral service they desire within their budget.

Lastly, they ask themselves often, "Is this the way I would want to be treated if the roles were suddenly reversed?" Remember, always...the "Golden Rule."